Shotgun Stock

This week, Freeform Technology have been able to work on the design and manufacture of a custom Shotgun stock manufactured out of Maple.

We used our 5 axis CNC capabilities to carve out the wood to the desired shape and precisely machine out the areas for the inner workings (the action, safety, locking leaver, etc)

Freeform Technology - Not just a pattern and mould machining facility..!

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Emma's Work Experience

Freeform Technology has recently enjoyed the company of Emma, a student from Milton Keynes College, who came to join Freeform for a weeks work experience in March.  She was a brilliant addition for that week, showing a keen interest in Engineering, wanting to learn and progress...

Going For Growth

Freeform Technology are now very settled into their new Carbon machining workshop, with their two machines working throughout the day and night when the lights are switched off. The carbon unit is going from strength to strength with new processes being established, increaseing efficiencies...