With the ever increasing similarities between the automotive and marine industries, Freeform Technology are capable of applying their knowledge and expertise from the motorsport industry into the manufacture of composites for luxury and performance boats.

Freeform Technology has the ability to manufacture large scale plugs down to small intricate moulds for the production of high precision, quality composite components. With Freeform Technology's in-house design capabilities, and internal knowledge and skill, suggestions can be made for changes and modifications on designs to potentially increase efficiency of time and/or cost implications on manufacturing methods.

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Marine Case Studies


Jez Gibson-Harris
Crawley Creatures

""Crawley Creatures Ltd are delighted with the high level of service, professional approach and exceptional workmanship that Freeform Technology provides. They deliver within tight timescales and we would have no hesitation in recommending the services and support from Freeform Technology""


Jenni Alexander
Managing Director
CP Composites Ltd

"“CP Composites continue to use Freeform as a preferred supplier. The support we receive in terms of tooling solutions from concept through to final delivery is consistent. Communication with the Freeform team is easy, they have a very responsive  ‘no fuss approach’ and their commitment in terms quality and on time delivery allows us to plan in the knowledge that targets deadlines can be met with end customers”"